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Finally the product culinary geniuses have been using for centuries is available online for the everyday master chef to try! Pork floss, also known as meat floss and meal wool in English, and in Chinese called rousong. It’s sort of like cotton candy—if cotton candy were made of dry, fluffy, finely shredded pork seasoned with soy sauce and sugar and looked like scraggly clumps of dryer lint. (You think “pork floss” sounds weird? How about “pork lint”?…yeah, that’s not going to catch on.) Pork floss dissolves quickly at the wrath of saliva and teeth, but before it disappears it releases a wave of sweet, salty, and porky. Not a strong wave, although not subtle either. Think of it like fluffy pork jerky.”

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Original, Sesame And Seaweed

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