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Why haven’t I heard of BKH jerky before? 
BKH jerky has been around for over 25 years, we are well known and have catered to the Asian community. Now, we want the rest of the world to try our Authentic Singapore Style Beef and Pork Jerky.

What does BKH stand for? 
BKH is short for Bee Kim Heng. Which translated into English from Chinese means “Beautiful Golden Smell”.

Where else can I buy this awesome jerky? 
Right now you can purchase BKH jerky at our retail store in Vancouver, B.C. The address and phone number are located on the info page. We will be adding a new “retailers” section soon, with a list of stores that carry BKH Jerky. If you have a store and want to carry our products please contact us at [email protected]

When is it made? 
We make our jerky fresh everyday, so when you come in or order it by phone or online. You are guaranteed the freshest made jerky.

How long does it keep for? 
Right now our shelf life is about 30 – 39 days. Store it in your refrigerator and once opened, consume within 7 days for best taste and flavour.  If you want to keep the jerky longer you can also freeze it. We are currently working on a way to improve our shelf life but really, once you open the pack it will be gone before you know it.

Beef jerky generally has too much salt, is BKH jerky salty? 
BKH jerky uses half the salt as other typical dry, chewy, salty, and leathery jerky out there. We do not use MSG, gluten, or wheat in our jerky.

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